CANNONBALL has dedicated the month of September to spreading the CANNONBALL uninhibited spirit of sharing, daring to do things differently, and making a BIG splash!

CANNONBALL distributors across the country are sharing a splash in a friendly sales competition to win one of several donation awards to their charity of choice.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS will be shared throughout the month by Team CANNONBALL! Our Team is out and about sharing a splash of CANNONBALL wine in restaurants, local retailers, gifting an afternoon coffee, or a special gesture that might brighten your day.

Were you a RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS recipient? Please share your CANNONBALL moment with us on Instagram / tag & follow us @cannonballwines!

It’s a scientific fact, giving to others provides satisfaction and promotes happiness. It is our hope the spirit of  CANNONBALL GIVING MONTH continues well beyond September.